An ABEL - SPECIALITY is to re-cover all Grand and Upright hammer heads

We only use original felts in a soft - medium - hard pressure as requested. Repairs take 2-3 weeks.

When sending hammer heads for re-covering please note the following:

  1. All hammer heads must be sent with the shanks fitted.
  2. The hammer heads must be packed in a sturdy carton, to prevent damage.
  3. Send all packages only by postal service (SAL - air mail).
  4. Hammers for Uprights, please send without flanges, except the ones with fixed flanges.

Private services, such as United Parcel Service, DHL etc. are not allowed, because in this case import taxes and other expenses have to be paid.

Additional work will be charged according to real expenses. Price information about further repairs is available on request. Please ask for a detailed special price list concerning complete overhaul of mechanical equipment. We putspecial transport boxes at your disposal for the transportation of mechanical equipment.